The city of Kastoria, with a population of about 17,000 inhabitants, is the capital of the prefecture and is located in its center. Almost six hundred meters above sea level lays Orestiada Lake, better known as Lake of Kastoria, and the unanimous city that surrounds it.

The 2000 years of history of Kastoria and the great commercial prosperity, which, as a commercial center of the Balkans, experienced for more than 250 years, gave to the city of Kastoria the “fragrance” of a place that combines in a unique way, the spectacular beauty of its natural surroundings with high aesthetic and historical value human creations (ancient monuments, Byzantine churches and architecturally exceptional mansions).

The beautiful lake and mountain surroundings of Kastoria and the city itself create a combined ecosystem, which reserves the most unexpected surprises for those who decide to visit them.

The key geographical location of the city moreover, is of particular touristic importance, as it gives visitors the opportunity to combine several interesting choices of destinations in the city district and county, having its base at the city of Kastoria.

  • Small round lake road. It is our lakeside road around the Kastoria peninsula. Ideal for hiking or biking in all four seasons.
  • The "Dragon cave"
  • The Aquarium of freshwater fish
  • Byzantine Museum
  • Folklore museum in "Doltso"
  • Archaeological museum in Argos Orestiko
  • Wax exhibition in Mavrochori
  • Lakeside neolithic settlement in Dispilio
  • Ski centers of Vitsi and Vigla mountains
  • Excursion on Mount Grammos and surrounding villages, discovering the sources of Aliakmonas river
  • Climbing the mountain of Ai-Thanassis peninsula - wandering in old neighborhoods Prophet Elijah, Old Hospital, Apozari, Doltso, Tsarsi and numerous Byzantine churches.